Special PCB

Special PCB normally refers to the special materials (Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, F4B); special technology (Impedance controlled; back drill, High TG thick copper). At hampoo, we produce PCBs according to customers’ various requests.

We can provide the following products for special PCB:

  • PCB on aluminum(for power or low cost lighting applications)
  • PCB on steel base(for electric micro motors applications)
  • PCBs on Teflon raw material(radio frequency antenna applications)
  • PCBs on epoxy/ceramic raw material(for low cost high frequency applications)
  • Hybrid PCBs on ceramic raw material(Hyper frequency applications)
  • Golden PCBs with hard Gold for rotating contacts
  • Thick copper PCBs: SS, DS PTH and ML(power electronics)
  • PCBs with Invar, Molybdenum, etc…(aeronautical applications)
  • Very long PCBs(antenna applications)
  • Golden PCBs for COB(Chip on Board)
  • Multilayer PCB with controlled impedance
  • PCBs with embedded thick copper tracks
  • Single side PCBs with inserted rivets
  • Low cost aluminum flex-rigid PCBs for automotive lighting application


Mixed plate

12 layers PCB Board

12 layers PCB Board for Military

20 layers PCB board for Testing Machine