PCB Layout

  • Strict design E-Flow -the guarantee of progress service
  • Strong technical support team – the guarantee of leading technology
  • Strict quality standard system – the guarantee of quality design
  • Professional design service team – the guarantee of customer satisfaction

Layout Process

Have questions about PCB layout?

1. What files do Hampoo requires for PCB layout?

Just provide us schematic and an ASCII net list(Optional). We’ll need to know the board size (unless you want us to determine it), whether you want parts on one or both sides of the board, and if you have any special features, like a particular shape, RF traces, matched line lengths, or if you need components or mounting holes placed in particular locations.

2. What kind of software does Hampoo use for PCB layout tools?

Support mainstream design tools in the industry:Allegro,Pads,and Mentor Expedition

3. Does Hampoo have an English-speaking(or English-writing) technical project manager whom can interface with?

Absolutely, specified experienced PCB designers will contact directly with your engineers.

4. What will Hampoo deliver after layout?

We’ll deliver a complete set of Gerbers, including drill chart, and mechanical drawings – everything a board house needs to make your board.