Parts sourcing

Hampoo guarantees quality service on Full turn-Key orders. We will buy the exact parts that you specify. Hampoo can also help stock components for customers we work with closely, but we will not substitute parts on your bill of material with parts we already have. We can suggest crosses or assist with component selection if necessary, but we will send data sheet to require approval before ordering.

This parts procurement policy will prevent:

  • unauthorized part substitutions
  • inappropriate part crosses
  • added expenses for wasted time and materials
  • ordering parts that can’t be used if their life span expires

If a part is not available, experienced Hampoo staff will research possible crosses or substitution parts and then contact you with a list of questions and possible options for approval prior before placing orders.

Components Types:

There are two types of electronic components: Passive and Active
Passive electronic components are those that do not have gain or directionality. They are also called Electrical elements or electrical components. e.g. resistors, capacitors, diodes, Inductors.
Active electronic components are those that have gain or directionality. e.g. transistors, integrated circuits or ICs, logic gates.

Here are some components we provide:

  • Resistors
  • Switches
  • Capacitors
  • Magnetic or Inductive Components
  • Net work Components
  • Semiconductors
  • Diodes
  • Transistors
  • Integrated Circuits or ICs
  • Terminals & Connectors
  • Piezoelectornic devices, crystals, resonators