Quick turn PCB prototyping and mass production

As a leading provider of printed circuit boards manufacturer, Hampoo is able to offer a wide range of pcb board, including multilayer pcb boards, flex pcb, HDI boards, blind & buried via boards, metal core PCB, heavy copper boards etc. Also, bespoke service for printed circuit board is available for us, since Hampoo has an experienced PCB engineering team (over 200 experts). Our circuit boards are widely used in telecommunications, automotive, medical, smart home, industrial controls, Internet of Things etc.

Circuit Board Manufacturing Advantages

  • More than 10 years experience in PCB manufacturing.
  • Quick turn PCB prototype, low/medium volume for 2-68 layers circuit boards.
  • 24 hours turn for 4 layers prototype PCB, and 2-4 days for multilayer boards.
  • High mix, low/medium run, and multiple batches PCB exceed 10,000 items per month.
  • Powerful IT platform integrating intranet & SAP system implementation to assure on time delivery.
  • Professional DFM (design for manufacturing) team help customer finish PCB order from conceptual design to prototype to mass production.
  • Traceable data of all parts & production items.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Hampoo Electronics is your customized solutions for pcb board manufacturing. View our PCB fabrication capabilitiess below.

Items Current Capabilities Year of 2016
Highest Layers (68 layers) (68 layers)
Min. line Width/Space 3mil/3mil 2.5mil/2.5mil
Max. copper thickness 10 OZ 10 OZ
Min. Hole Diameter Mechanical Drilling: 4 mil
Laser drilling: 3 mil
Mechanical Drilling: 4 mil
Laser drilling:2 mil
Max. Aspect Ratio 18:1 22:1
Impedance Tolerance ±5% ±3%
Outline Tolerance ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
Materials FR-4,HighTg, Halogen free, Ceramic filling,PTFE,PI,BT,PPO,PPE, HF/ microwave(Rogers、Taconic、Arlon、F4B),metal base/core(Aluminum, Copper, Metal)
Surface treatment HASL、OSP、plated gold、immersion gold、immersion silver、Immersion Tin、Gold finger, Hard gold, nickel gold, elective gold plating etc.
Special arts Rigid-flex, buried core, buried optical fiber, 3+n+3 overlapped hole HDI, via in pad, inner/outer layer hollow board, High TG thick copper, hybrid, partial hybrid, multi-surface finish, metal substrate/core board, metalized board edge, blind hole, buried hole, stepped slot, partial high precision, back drill, impedance control etc.

PCB Prototype and Mass Production Turn Times

Hampoo is able to offer a full-turnkey service for pcb design, prototype, manufacture, and PCB assembly. Whether you require your pcb project or are just interested in the best value, we provide a variety of turn times to meet your needs.

Call us at 86-755-86185500 ext 5060 or email to contact@hampoo.com. Tell our experts what you need and we will provide you with the right PCB solution.