Prototype PCB Assembly to Low/Medium Volume Production

Hampoo have been starting doing electronics contract manufacturing for pcb assembly since year 2003. Full turnkey pcb assembly or partial turn-key service are both welcomed. For full turn-key pcb assembly, we take care of the entire process, including preparation of printed circuit boards, procurement of components, online order tracking, continuous monitoring of quality and final product assembly.

For partial turn-key service, you provide the blank PCBs and we assemble according to your requirements. And you have the option of providing some or all of the components. Hampoo's dedicated Procurement team will support of any remaining parts.

We specialize in quick-turn services for highly complexity and advanced PCB assembly and systems manufacturing in meeting your dynamic business needs.

Our competent engineering and manufacturing team help many customers resolve all kinds of PCB assembly problems which could not be fixed in other CM, thus we earned great reputation as the preferred PCB assembly provider. That is why many our customers refer many new customers to us. Our customers always find peace of mind when they send their PCB assembly services to us.

We offer the following PCB assembly services:

  • Quick-turn prototype pcb assembly
  • SMT/SMD assembly
  • Thru-hole assembly
  • Mixed Technology(SMT/Thru-hole)
  • Turn-key assembly
  • Consignment assembly
  • RoHS compliant lead-free assembly/ Non-RoHS assembly
  • Conformal coating
  • Final box-build and packaging
  • Ball Brid Array(BGA) Assembly

PCB Assembly Capabilities

Component Mounting Specification Minimum Precision 1005
Maximum Height 20mm
Minimum Spacing BGA 0.4 Pitch
IC 0.3 Pitch
Board Specification Maximum Size 450 ╳ 730mm
Board Thickness 0.3~6mm
Board Type Rigid Board, Flex Board and Rigid-flex Board
Type of Solder HASL-free, HASL
SMT POP, Bonding, Auto Plug-in
Testing Capability SPI Equipment, AOI, X-ray Inspection, ICT Testing, Flying Probe Testing, Aging Function Testing, Thermal Cycling, Ultrasound Scan

We have full capability for assembling both SMT/SMD, Through-Hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies. Our surface mount PCB assembly capabilities include BGA, uBGA, 1005 component placements, PoP (Package on Package) and leadless devices assembly. We have accomplished a very challenging PoP (Package on Package) assembly with BGA down to 0.4 mm pitch.

Have questions about PCBA?

1. What assembly services does Hampoo offer?

Our standard assembly services includes machine placed SMT assembly, leadless QFN and BGA assembly, fine-pitch component assembly and thru hole assembly.

2. What is the feature of Hampoo’s EMS service?

We build prototypes lightning fast for worldwide customers. And, we build small to medium volumes for Makers and start-ups - with no MOQ required.

  • Full turnkey PCB assembly including parts, PCB fab and assembly
  • All machine placed SMT assembly, whether you need a single board or a few thousand
  • Turn-times as quick as 24 hours from when we get all parts and files

3. What standards and certifications does Hampoo follow?

  • Hampoo is certified ISO 2001:9000
  • By default, we inspect to IPC-A-610, Class II (Class III inspection available upon request)
  • For RoHS, we adhere to IPC-1066, finish category e1

4. What files do Hampoo requires for assembly orders?

  • Bill of material, complete with info in excel format.
  • Complete info includes – manufacturer’s name, part number, ref designators, component description, quantity
  • Complete gerber files
  • 4Centroid data - this file can be created by Hampoo if needed.

5. What if have quality problems with the PCBAs? How does Hampoo handle rework?

If you find an issue with our workmanship, we are more than happy to evaluate and repair your PCBAs at no charge.


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