Knowing the critical features of printed circuit board (PCB) means that we can always select the most proper PCB company for your order. Every aspect of our PCB business focuses on quality in order to offer you the greatest peace of mind that you are dealing with the right PCB supplier.

Quality in printed circuit board design

Design Rules Check (DRC), the first and essential step of quality control test to prevent some PCB layout problems in design processes. When new orders arrived, we initially using an automated testing machine to verify that the layout doesn’t have routing, placement, or any other problems. Comparing the layout and the net list to PCB design limitations and the rules can verify part placement and trace routing to confirm there is no overlapping, untraced connecting pins, incorrect layer placement or other limitations that have been determined for routing widths and clearances. What’s more, DRC enable us to ensure the PCB is capable of being manufactured. Also, we will immediately contact the customer first to commence the production process if we find any errors.

Electrical Testing

For small volume and PCB prototypes, Hampoo uses the Flying probe Tester to test the PCB to make sure it has no short or open circuits, also to verify that the PCB nets we fabricate correspond to the design. There is no need of test fixtures for Flying Probe tester, because it has few limitations on access. The Flying Probe testing can catch errors precisely so that the rate of PCB failure is less than one percent generally.

A bed of nails tester will be used for medium volume orders as a test fixture. There are many small and spring loaded pogo pins that are inserted into holes on an epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated sheet. Each pogo pins will connect to the device of the PCB that is going to be tested. Lots of separate test points will be connected for testing. And this test ensures there are no short or open circuits, also it will ensure the PCB nets meet the design nets. The rate of PCB failure will be less than one-tenth of one percent through this testing.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001, Quality Control System

Hampoo understand the importance of ISO9001 total traceability for our administration system as part of your quality audit process. Therefore, Our IT team have developed a new business management system in a universally accessible "filemaker" format that enable us to trace every step of your inquiry and manufacturing order in finite details. Our intention is to make this new system accessible to all customers by registering at some point in the future as part of the rolling development and continual improvement approach to our PCB service. This will allow immediate access to historic manufacture, previous orders and copies of the manufacturing QA inspection reports.

ISO 9001 system Certification

ISO 14001 system Certification


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