Hampoo highly values the construction of enterprise culture since its foundation. Over 11 years development, the company creates a culture of unique charm gradually. Under the guidance of enterprise culture, Hampoo forms an innovative team consisting of experienced managing directors and well-trained operational workers. The enterprise culture brings suppliers, staff and customers together. Also it helped to promote the working efficiency and product quality.

To enhance stuff work capabilities, Hampoo has a systemic training system, providing all-round education and training. The staff come from different places, but they are marked with the same company culture. Their efforts and hard work make the development of the company. All of the staff tie together, stepping forward in PCB industry hand-in-hand.

Enterprise Vision:
Global leader in electronic products & services.

Business Philosophy:
To provide Next-generation and cutting-edge products.

Spirit of Enterprise:
Professional, innovative, magnanimous,win- win.

Personnel Concept:
Attracting talents with opportunities, cultivating talent, retaining talent with defined career path.