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Welcome to Hampoo! High Mix, Low/Medium Volume and Quick Turn PCB & PCBA manufacturer.

Company Profile

As the most cost competitive supplier of high-quality PCBs & PCBAs in China, Hampoo positions in High Mix, Low/
Medium Volume and Quick Turn. Supplying a comprehensive range of printed circuit board technologies, the manufacturing lead-time options are based on a fundamental understanding of the total PCB and assembly process.

PCB Range

Besides supplying PCBs from 2-68 layers including rigid pcb, flex PCB, rigid & flex pcb, multilayer PCB, HDI board, special pcb etc. we also provide professional sourcing and procurement of components which are from original manufacturer or authorized distributor and strictly checked by professional Hampoo IQC.

Manufacturing Capabilities

By using our internal process system and SAP & following ISO9001 quality standards, Hampoo will look at all aspects of your PCBs or PCBAs so that we can ensure that no time is lost in getting your prototype design into manufacture and delivered on time with the minimum amount of inconvenience or drama.
Industrial Industrial
One company’s data exchange main board
Automotive Automotive
Motor board designing and manufacturing
Medical Medical
Blind Buried Board for Medical Industry
Internet of things Internet of things
Thiamis for the Internet of Things
Smart home Smart home
M4301162-Smart Home
New energy New energy
S264-4-New Energy


Project Engineer
Hampoo is a faithful and trustworthy friend. I’ve always received remarkable service, which meet my demands and requirements. It’s a wise choice to choose Hampoo.
Development Engineer
The most impressive quality that Hampoo possesses is that it always holds customers the center of its core values. Since the cooperation with it, I never regretted any single choice that I made.
Applications Manager
I’ve been doing business with Hampoo for three years, and whenever I ended up in trouble, it was there reaching out a helpful hand. Awesome!
Hampoo is a company with a team of energetic staff. Recall every visit there, I was moved deeply by their affectionate and considerable deeds. It is a homelike feeling!